About Us

The Company assist with the requirement between the customer and businesses. It Suggest and Advice the Customer to find Appropriate providers of specific products and services promptly. Moreover, it allows the businesses to get listed on Weenear's Index to Display and Advertise their Product along with Offers and Deals. The main agenda is to provide business to every businesses and Deals to every customer for any requirements. Here, the Suggestions and Information regarding any kind of service or product will be very authentic and WN Assured. WN provides unique facility with the help of which customer will be able to Book a Doctor's Appointment, Book a table at Restuarant, Fix Meeting with Advocates, Chartered Accountant etc . More over it also provides information and deals related to Travel, Machinery, Professional Services, etc., with the Suggestions for similar category of businesses assisted with the Map Location of the dealers. Moreover, Customer can get the information about any specific product and services via Whatsapp, SMS and E-mail so that customer can have the detail even when customer has no access to internet. Sooner, customer will enjoy the Offers and Deals of Daily Doctor Consultation Scheme, Discounted Restuarant Dine, Salons, Entertainment, Medical/Health Packages, and all businesses listed with great discounts. Also, for any kind of query customer can chat with us and we assure to make the customer's requirement and desire fulfill. Here the businesses are many, it depends on what the customer trust and choose. So, on that basis client can trust on any of the business registered on WN's Index. Use WeeNear to reserve a Booking for free and get great discounts with any of the business registered on WN's Index.